R-111-P Potash District Boundaries



Potash District, WIP, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, New Mexico, Oil Conservation Commission


Polygon layer defining the Potash District boundary in southeast New Mexico.


This layer illustrates the boundaries of the Potash District as defined by New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission's Order R-111-P, issued April 21, 1988. Also delineated within the feature class is the boundary of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Construction of this layer was predicated upon the need to know and to illustrate the location of the R-111-P boundaries in order to conduct lease management more efficiently within the New Mexico State Land Office.

Projection: UTM Zone 13N - NAD83 (meters)


Label: NAME

Definition: Name of the potash region.

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Land Office Geographic Information Center (LOGIC)
NM State Land Office
PO Box 1148
Santa Fe, NM  87504


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West -104.072030   East -103.487210
North 32.759337   South 32.156641